technical Studies

Receive a ranked and prioritized list of your customers’ wants and needs.

feedstock assessment

We assess the feedstocks based on your desired location that would best fit the technology being considered

Technical due diligence

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses.

marketing assessments


Biofuels Consulting offers services for a wide range of public and private clients within the sector and delivers solutions to its clients.  Clients include local, state/provincial/regional, and federal governmental entities, trade associations, feedstock suppliers, technology developers, new project developers, renewable energy producers, renewable energy consumers and other service providers to the renewable energy sector. Biofuels Consulting delivers value to its customers through two primary types of services: 1. Industry-leading consulting services including market research, feasibility assessments, and technology assessment that have driven the successful adoption of technologies for renewable energy worldwide. 2. Biofuels Consulting has completed numerous major benchmarking studies for governments and private industry.  Biofuels Consulting’s experience with these many projects a significant depth of experience has been demonstrated that can be applied to evaluate resources, business opportunities, markets, and advise on policy options. We provide the following consulting and technical services: Market analysis      Feasibility studies         Business plans Feedstock and resource assessments Technical due diligence Financial analysis and modelling Technology assessments Economic modelling Process modelling Life Cycle Analysis GHG audits Expert witness services

Biofuels Consulting has conducted numerous biofuels technical studies.  Through conducting biofuels studies and projects, Biofuels Consulting has proprietary information from biofuels technology providers on capital costs as well as utility usage, water consumption and yields of products and co-products.
These projects include first generation ethanol as well as cellulosic ethanol, first generation renewable diesel (biodiesel) and second generation renewable diesel (hydrotreated renewable diesel) and renewable jet. Biofuels Consulting has extensive experience in the renewable energy, biofuels and biotechnology industries and services include feasibility studies, resource assessments, surveys, market analyses, technology and risk assessments, due diligence on new technologies and economic impact studies. Biofuels Consulting has a proven track-record of delivering solutions for its clients within the timeline and utilizes a rigorous budgeting approach to ensure that each report is delivered within the proposal estimate provided to the client. Contract pricing and the scope of deliverables are only modified at the request of clients. Each of these projects was delivered in line with the budget and timeline agreed upon with the client.  A partial list of clients and projects that Biofuels Consulting has been engaged in the past is available upon request. Confidentiality agreements with some clients may limit complete disclosure of all of the projects.